Fee Schedule

Automatic O/D Protection Transfer Fee
from Shares to Checking
Overdraft NSF Fee $25.00
Return Item Fee $25.00
Collection Item Fee $25.00
Return ACH Fee $25.00
Privilege Pay Fee $25.00
Stop Payment Fee $25.00
Research/Balance/Statement Copies Fee (per hour) $25.00
Check Copy Fee $2.00
Current History Print out Fee (per page) $2.00
ATM/Debit Card Reissue Fee $5.00
ATM/Debit Card Repin Fee $2.00
Service Fee/Plain Accounts
($500 minimum balance)
Service Fee/GEM Accounts
(regardless of balance)
Regulation D Violation Fee $25.00
Master Card Reorder $10.00
Levies/Garnish etc Fee $25.00
Dormant/Escheat Fee $5.00
International Wire Fee (plus any International Charges) $15.00
Domestic Wire Transfer Fee (incoming) $5.00
Domestic Wire Transfer Fee (outgoing) $15.00
Money Order Fee Not available as of 6/1/18
Western Union Fee $20.00
IRA Administration Fee (Annual) $25.00
IRA Closeout Fee $5.00
Skip Payment Fee $25.00
Smart Pay-Day Loan Application Fee $20.00
Early closure fee $10.00
Mail Return Fee $1.00
Third Party Checks $2.00